In such a shitty mood


this week’s hair color is brought to you by sunsets after a week of rain in june


Oh my god please…let me look like that

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An elegant meal for one, tonight.



Some “scary” animals would like you to have a better day. 

i want these on shirts

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namine <3


Grape Ape

Flowering Time: 64-73 days
Parents: Mendo purps(?) x (skunk #1 x Afgani)
Type: 90% Indica/ 10% Sativa
THC: 16.5-19%
CBD: 0.25- 0.48%
Buzz:  long lasting- starts as an energetic buzz ends in a relaxing body high
Taste/Smell:  Grape Kool-aide with a hint of nag champa

The exact origins of this strain are unclear, but Apothecary Genetics (the most common source of the strain over the last 10 years) claims it to be Mendo Purps x Afghani x Skunk #1.  However, there is much debate if Mendo purps or GDP is the mother plant. Given the genetics it is possible that the two are sister plants, as Big Bud (rumored father to GDP) is a Skunk #1/Afgani cross.There are a variety of Purple strains that share similar qualities, and many believe them to be different expressions of the same genetics, while others see some additional Sativa influence in the Ape that doesn’t exist in the GDP or Mendo Purps.

She’s taken first place in all of the following Marijuana cups: Green Cup - 2005 and 2006; - Lake County ‘s Medical Cup – 2006; High Times Medical Colorado Cup, Concentrates – 2011.